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February Featured Brewery: Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery

B.I.G: What is the name of your brewery and where are you located?

DM: Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery. Located Downtown Hood River, 8 4th St.

When did you start?

The brewery opened in 2007.

Why did you start?

Matt Swihart and Charlie Deveraux (now of Wayfinder) started Double Mountain to create beer they and their friends like to drink, filling a hole in the market by providing flavorful beers with a lot of Hop character, which are not brewed to style. All that while supporting the creation of a community “watering hole”/gathering spot in Hood River.

What kinds of beers do you create and what makes them unique?

At Double Mountain, we tend to have “unique” beers by not brewing to style (not that brewing to style is a bad thing), creating beers and ciders that the public and ourselves enjoy drinking, with bold flavors and hop character. We put our own take on the beers that we create and pride ourselves in creating a consistent, high-quality product. We also focus on sustainability, with solar panels covering our 25,000 sq. ft warehouse, a carbon capture system, and most importantly, we use refillable (reusable) bottles for all of our beer. Refillables are the best container for the planet and the beer.

How much do you produce each year?

11,000 Barrels. 10 Ciders and 50-75 Different Beers

What is your most popular beer and why?

Hop Lion IPA is our most popular beer. This is our flagship IPA is a great example of a forward-thinking NW IPA, that has hit a chord with fans.

What is your favorite activity to do in the Gorge?

Everyone at Double Mountain participates in a variety of activities. Some of the most popular with fans and staff are skiing/snowboarding and Mtn Biking. A lot of après takes place at Double for these activities. In the summer, windsurfing, kiteboarding, SUP, Outrigger Canoeing, and motorcycles compete with Hiking and Biking. Car racing and flying airplanes are also popular.

What are your annual events?

We host a lot of yearly events, as well as participate in a lot of events throughout the year. Our most popular in-house event is our Anniversary Block Party, followed by Zwickelmania, Music every Thursday and Saturday, Films in the winter, Brewery Tours, and much more.

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